The college (having 40468.6 sq. mts of total area and with 7,500 sq. mts of built-up area) operates in 10 (ten) buildings. The College Office is fully computerized. Almost all the departments have separate and dedicated departmental offices, libraries, laboratories and honours classrooms with ICT facility attached to the department. It has a separate building for the Central Library which is under the supervision of a full-time librarian. It has a Computer Centre, auditorium, seminar hall, an outdoor stadium and an indoor stadium (under construction), an open stage, canteen, separate students’ union office, Boys and Girls Common Rooms, vehicle shade, three playgrounds, garden, parks and a pond.   The ITI has a separate building. There are two hostels—one for boys and one for girls. The college has a separate electric connection with a dedicated transformer to handle the load. There are two diesel generators as power back-up system for the entire college, several inverters, inter-com facilities and broadband internet connection in all departments of the college. Staff and students have free access to internet connectivity. There is a students’ support centre which has photocopiers for photocopy of documents.


Teaching Methods

All teaching departments are provided with desktop computer with internet connectivity. LCDS are provided to develop interactive and collaborative learning method in the class room. Students are encouraged to use the seminar libraries of each teaching department for independent learning.




  • Classrooms with ICT faculty
  • Sound system for better communication
  • Session in library under teachers’ guidance
  • Holding workshops, seminars, quiz, group discussion
  • Remedial coaching
  • Counselling in dedicated departmental room.
  • Guided library hours at the departments







  • Project works
  • Group discussion
  • Educational excursion
  • Field survey
  • Quiz
  • Enactment of drama/scene
  • Movie club
  • Music club
  • Drama club
  • Wall magazine
  • Various cultural and sports competitions in and outside the college
  • Training for cultural function and sports


  • Access to each central and departmental laboratories
  • Access to internet various net-hubs
  • Project works
  • Publishing in magazines
  • Seminar, workshops etc.

Basic infrastructural facilities:

Hostels                                                     : 02 (one for boys and one for girls)

Canteen                                                     : 01

Students’ union office                                 : 01

Common Rooms                                               : 02 (one for boys and one for girls)

Vehicle shades                                                  : 02 (separate for staff & students)

Power back-ups                                                : 2 diesel generators & many inverters


Facilities for Curricular and co-curricular activities

Vidyasagar Central Library                            : Separate Building

Museum-Cum-Exhibition                             : 01

Departmental Libraries                                  : 15

Class Rooms                                                    : 35

Technology enabled Learning Space            : 01

Seminar Hall                                                               : 01

Laboratories                                                    : 06

Computers                                                       : 82

Gardens                                                          : 03

Park                                                                 : 01

Pond                                                                : 01

Botanical Garden                                         : 01


Facilities for extra–curricular activities like sports, outdoor and indoor games, gymnasium, auditorium, NSS, NCC, cultural activities, Public   speaking, communication skills development, yoga, health and hygiene etc.:

Play Ground                                                 : 3

Outdoor stadium                                         : 1

Indoor Stadium                                            : Under Construction.

Gymnasium                                                  : 1

Auditorium                                                   : 1

NSS                                                                : Four Units

Open Stage                                                   : 1 (constructed by the Alumni Association)

Language Lab                                               : 1

Yoga Center                                                 : 1

Health Center                                              : 1

Public Speaking system (Sound system)  :  12 sets

Vidyasagar Central Library

The College has a rich library. The library consists of more than 18000 (+5000 in the departmental libraries) books in different subjects with many scholarly journals in various subjects and a number of magazines for competitive examinations. The library has a spacious reading room for students and a Book Bank for poor students. The library provides the staff and students with digital access to over 100000 e-books and 40000 e-journals and magazines through N-LIST Programme.

  • Books are issued and received back on each working day.
  • The library remains open from 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on each working day except on Saturday.
  • On Saturday the library remains open from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  • All students are expected to abide by the Library Rules of the College.
  • Departmental libraries have been established in each Honours teaching departments. Students are asked to contact the Head of the departments of the concerned subject to know the detail working time of the library.
  • Special Library Cards are issued to degree Students after their Test Examinations. But these cards are to be returned with books before taking the Admit Cards.

Bhatter College Museum & Exhibition Centre

Bhatter College Museum has been established to showcase the glorious past of Dantan (or Dandabhukti) and to feature folk arts of the district.


Bhatter College Central Publication Division (BCCPD)

BCCPD has been set up to coordinate and facilitate both online and print publishing initiatives of the college and various departments. It has a separate website (www. for publication and experiment. Under the supervision of BCCPD the following online journals and magazines are published regularly:

  • Bhatter College Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (ISSN 2249-3301) since 2011, at [Print & Online)
  • Eshana: Journal of the Department of Bengali (ISSN- 2249-0272), from the Dept. of Bengali.
  • The Golden Line: A Magazine on English Literature, ISSN: 2395-1591 [Online] ISSN: 2395-1583 [Print], since 2015, at, from the Dept. of English.

Besides, various projects are taken up. In 2014 a Golden Jubilee Volume was published by the Division.

Computer Centre

The college has a computer centre where students get three month’s compulsory certificate course in computer operation.

Seminar Hall

A spacious state-of-the-art Seminar Hall has been set up for holding seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings.

Language Laboratory

The college has established one Language Laboratory for developing better communicative skills of students. The Career Counselling Cell in collaboration with the Computer Centre and Language Laboratory groom the students for various jobs.

Sports Facilities


The College has a big playground (15,402 sq mts) for students to play football, cricket, Khokho and other games.


A multi-purpose outdoor stadium has been constructed and one indoor stadium is under construction.


The college has a good gymnasium with modern devices and instruments and training facilities.

Bhatter College Sports Academy

Bhatter College Sports Academy has been established involving the Department of Physical Education, Students’ Union, Alumni Association, guardians and local sports enthusiasts to utilize the resources and extend sports facilities to local schools, clubs and local youth. It organizes various training programmes and tournaments.