About the IQAC

In 2007 the Governing Body constituted the IQAC to maintain and advise the staff and management on quality assurance process. The IQAC discusses things related to academic, administrative and financial management and recommends its proposal to the Principal for taking actions in consultation with the concerned departments/authority. The IQAC also processes the Career Advancement Schemes of teachers.

The College has as an IQAC constituted of the following members:

  • Pabitra Kumar Mishra, Principal
  • Tarun Tapas Mukherjee (Co-ordinator), Dept. of English
  • Bibhuranjan Giri, Dept. of Commerce (Member)
  • Dilip Kumar Dolui, Dept. of Commerce (Member)
  • Pranab Barman, Deptt. of History (Member)
  • Sri Prakash Belji, Head Clerk (Member)
  • Jatindranath Mishra, (External Member)
  • Block Development Officer, Dantan – 1 Block, (External Member)